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In general, UL is the standard for North America and TÜV is used in the rest of the world


Datasheet: Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA)
Datasheet: Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA) and Accessories Kit
Datasheet: RSS Signal Detector
Datasheet: RSS Transmitter - Commercial
Datasheet: RSS Transmitter - Outdoor Kit
Datasheet: TS4-A-2F (Fire Safety for 2 Modules)
Datasheet: TS4-A-F (Fire Safety)
Datasheet: TS4-A-F (Fire Safety) 700W
Datasheet: TS4-A-M (Monitoring)
Datasheet: TS4-A-O (Optimization)
Datasheet: TS4-A-O (Optimization) 700W
Datasheet: TS4-A-S (700W) (Safety)
Datasheet: TS4-A-S (Safety)
Datasheet: Tigo Access Point (TAP)
Datasheet: Tigo EI Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) (North America)
Datasheet: Tigo EI Battery (North America)
Datasheet: Tigo EI Energy Meter (North America)
Datasheet: Tigo EI Inverter (North America)

Marketing Materials

Tigo EI (Energy Intelligence) Residential Brochure - for Homeowners
Tigo EI (Energy Intelligence) Residential Brochure (North America)
Tigo Energy Intelligence Brochure
Rapid Shutdown Solutions Catalog
Reclaimed Energy Flyer - EMEA
Reclaimed Energy Flyer - North America
Tigo Commercial & Residential Flyer - North America
Tigo Flyer - UL PV Rapid Shutdown Systems (PVRSS)
Rapid Shutdown Solution SKU Sheet
Case Study: Detecting Faults with Tigo's Module-level Monitoring
Case Study: Harvesting 36% Energy with Optimization
Case Study - Energisus Residential LatAm
Case Study: Safe and Efficient Floating Solar Systems with Tigo MLPE
Case Study: Minimizing BOS Costs on a Curved Roof Design
Case Study: Optimizers added to existing US residential array
Case Study: Optimizers at Brazil Distributor HQ
Case Study: Optimizers at a temple with a unique roofline
Case Study: Optimizers maximize output for an Australian eco resort
Case Study: Output of array in Japan increases 7% when Tigo optimizers are installed
Case Study: Remedying Mismatch & Shading with Tigo
Case Study: Solar installer chooses Tigo for his large home system
Case Study: String Fault Detection & Increased Energy Yield
Case Study: Surviving the Antarctic Extreme with Tigo's Remote Monitoring

Technical Documentation

Quick Start Guide - CCA & TAP
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-2F
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-F
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-F 700W
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-M
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-O
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-O 700W
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-S
Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-S 700W
Quick Start Guide - TS4-F & RSS Transmitter
Quick Start Guide - Tigo ATS (North America)
Quick Start Guide - Tigo EI Battery (North America)
Quick Start Guide - Tigo EI Inverter (North America)
Installation Manual - Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
Installation Manual - EI Battery
Installation Manual - EI Energy Meter
Installation Manual - TS4, CCA, TAP
Installation Manual - TS4, CCA, TAP - 2021
Installation Manual - TS4-F, TS4-R-F, TS4-A-F, RSS Transmitter
Installation Manual - Tigo EI Inverter
Network Troubleshooting Guide
TS4-F & RSS Transmitter Troubleshooting Guide
Whitepaper - Impedance Matching
Whitepaper - Optimization with Impedance Matching and Predictive IV
Whitepaper - PV-OFF™ - Improving PV Safety
Whitepaper - Photon Test Results
Whitepaper - Quantifying Mismatch
Application Note: Tigo SMA RSS
Australia / New Zealand Manufacturer Declaration
DNV-GL Field Engineering Evaluation Report
NREL Shading Assessment via Module-level Monitoring
String List Template for Tigo TS4 Serial Numbers
TS4-A (Advanced Add-on) vs TS4-R (Retrofit)


Addendum for Australian Consumers
Limited Warranty for EI Products – Inverter, Battery, Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and Energy Meter (as of October 15, 2021)
Limited Warranty for TS4 products, Cloud Connect Advanced (CCA), RSS Transmitter, Tigo Access Point (TAP) and RSS Signal Detector (as of October 15, 2021)
Warranty documents for products purchased prior to October 15, 2021 are located here.

Certifications & Compliance

Compatibility letter - AISWEI
Compatibility letter - Canadian Solar
Compatibility letter - FIMER/ABB
Compatibility letter - Fronius (Worldwide except US/Canada/Mexico)
Compatibility letter - Ginlong Solis US single-phase
Compatibility letter - Ginlong Solis US three-phase
Compatibility letter - Ginlong Solis global
Compatibility letter - Goodwe
Compatibility letter - Growatt
Compatibility letter - Hanwha Q Cells
Compatibility letter - HiQ Solar
Compatibility letter - Holu Hou Energy
Compatibility letter - Huawei
Compatibility letter - Ingeteam
Compatibility letter - IronRidge
Compatibility letter - Jiangsu Zeversolar New Energy Co Ltd
Compatibility letter - KACO
Compatibility letter - Katek-Steca
Compatibility letter - Kostal Piko
Compatibility letter - Kostal Plenticore, Piko IQ
Compatibility letter - MidNite Solar Inc
Compatibility letter - NeoVolta
Compatibility letter - Omnik New Energy
Compatibility letter - Omron Corporation
Compatibility letter - Outback Power FM100
Compatibility letter - POMCube
Compatibility letter - REFUsol Inc
Compatibility letter - SMA Solar Technology AG
Compatibility letter - Samil Power
Compatibility letter - Schneider Electric
Compatibility letter - Sofar Solar
Compatibility letter - Sol-Ark
Compatibility letter - SolaX Power (single phase)
Compatibility letter - SolaX Power (three phase)
Compatibility letter - Storz Power
Compatibility letter - Storz Power PVRSS Compliance
Compatibility letter - Valenia Inverters
Compatibility letter - Wolong New Energy
Compatibility letter - Yaskawa - Solectria Solar
TS4 outdoor use with IP68 approval ratings
UL PV Rapid Shutdown Systems with TS4-F, -S, -O, -L, and Listed Inverters
UL1741 PV Rapid Shutdown Equipment - Tigo Access Point (TAP) - US & Canada
UL1741 PV Rapid Shutdown Equipment with TS4-S, -O, -L for US and Canada
UL1741 PV Rapid Shutdown Permanent Marking Requirement
UL1741 PV Rapid Shutdown Systems (QIJS)
UL1741 Product Safety Approval with TS4-M, -S, -O, -L for US and Canada


Quick Start Guide - TS4-A-O-Duo
TS4 -D, -M, -F, -S, -O, -L (Integrated Jbox)
TS4-A-O-Duo (Optimization Add-on for 2 Modules)
TS4-R -M, -F, -S, -O (Retrofit Jbox)
TS4-R-X-Duo -M, -S, -O (Retrofit Jbox for 2 modules)
UL1741 PV Rapid Shutdown with TS4-F
UL1747 PV Rapid Shutdown with TS4-O
UL1747 PV Rapid Shutdown with TS4-S